I have Eczema. I think the better term to use is “suffer.” I suffer from Eczema. I’m not here to paint a pretty picture of how I’m coping with it, and it does get better because for me it hasn’t gotten better. When I was younger, I had read somewhere that you outgrow it in adulthood. How I wished I would become an adult soon so I could get rid of this horrid thing which had people in school calling me names like Miss. Crocodile skin, or fishy (because they thought my skin looked like fish scales). Well I’m 21 now and it’s still here. I remember sometime back and me turning into an official adult, I was going through a rough patch – pun intended, wth my eczema. And I was in tears, and I imagined that Eczema would say something like, “Hey, you’re turning 21 soon, but guess what I’m Eczema and I’m here to stay.” I was distraught, I however packed that thought away into the box containing Thoughts Never To Be Opened and tried to pick myself up again and just move on.

So it’s still here, I have it on my hands mostly, however when it feels like, it will erupt on any other body part. When I look at my hands I feel like they belong to an 80 year old woman.I have been given a cream containing steroids, it had worked in the beginning but now I feel my skin has become immune to it. The skin on my hands is thinning and looking all wrinkly and disgusting, but I still wear lots of rings because they make me feel beautiful even for a short period of time.

I get affected by emotional stress, when there is an argument with someone, or something is happening in the family or anything that brings about stress, the effect goes straight to my skin and all I want to do is sit and scratch, or claw myself, to be more precise. Certain materials in clothing bring out the scratching beast in me and I have to change into something more demure and less fancy. If I’m in the sun for too long, I start to go red and feel vey uncomfortable and itchy, and washing liquids and shampoos irritate my hands. An example of how awkward it is: Last weekend I spent the weekend at my Sister’s mansion, and when it was time to go to bed I used to put my towel on the pillow and go to sleep. I was in fear of scratching my fingers until they bled in the middle of my slumber and getting all that blood on her pillows (because I sleep with my hands under my head, or touching my face). It made me feel so weird and sad, but I knew it was a possibility so I had to take the necessary precautions. Score: Eczema 10. Parina: 0.

Mine is the tip of the iceburg as far as the different degrees of severity in Eczema go. There are many more types of Eczema and some with even more fancy names, fact remains that it’s still horrid. I’m not going to make this into an informative blog and get information about Eczema and let you all read about it. This is just me venting about it and being very, very, blunt, IT SUCKS.



2 thoughts on “ECZEMA

  1. Really hurts to read about this, so sad for you. I understand what you go through with because of your J. but proud but that you are able to put your thoughts on paper. Aside from this you are a beautiful woman inside and out. What a well written blog, very touching. Big hug.

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