There is something that has moved into my head, bought a house, unpacked and settled in. That something is MARRIAGE. It has been living in my head for just about 2 months or so. I literally woke up one morning and was greeted by this new member in my head. I wasn’t very pleased to meet it at first. Since it has moved in however, it has inched it’s way under my skin, and I’m constantly thinking about it. For as long as I can remember, I have not been very interested in the idea of marriage. I always thought I would just ride solo. But lately, I’ve been thinking otherwise. I am now being consumed by thoughts such as: who I want to invite to my wedding, what I’d like to  wear, where it wll be held, what hairstyle I’m going to get done, etc, etc.

The other day we were at the dinner table and we were eating pizza, and we had ordered that same pizza at my 21st birthday party which we held in February this year. So anyway, I was making a comparison between the two pizza’s and was wanting to say that the pizza we had at the party was better. What ended up coming out was, “The pizza at my wedding tasted better.” Cue lots of laughter and me going into shock.

Maybe it has come because I keep thinking that my sisters were more or less almost marrying their partners when they were 21/22 and I can feel a little bit of pressure building up on me. I am however, not going to let this worry me because when my time is right it will happen for me.

 I am attracting it in a if-it-happens-soon-that-would-be-cool kinda way. I’m welcoming this change in my thoughts and I’m accepting that I may just be ready to move onto the next stage of life.

Anyway let’s see what happens! 




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