Desi Girl! (Indian Girl)

In April this year we were invited for a wedding, well we as in Mr&Mrs K. Rajput. No ‘and family’ included.  My Dad being the man that he is, preferred it if I went with my Mum instead. So out came the little hand luggage bag that I have with all my Punjabi’s in (yes so few and I have worn them over and over and over! Thank goodness my first trip to India is coming up soon, more on that later! 😉 I chose the one that I wanted to wear and began on choosing the jewels that went with it.

I had a good time dressing up, and if I may say so myself I think I looked wonderful! So without any further ado here’s me!

Chosen accessories for the day.


The show stopper. 😉


Cinderella had glass slippers, I have gold. 🙂





Ta da! Watch out boys!! 😀



Punjabi: India
Necklace: Ardenes, Canada
Earrings: Ardenes, Canada
Bracelet: 21st birthday gift from Mum and Dad
Gold ring: As above
Statement ring: South Africa
Clutch: Gift from Sister, Kajal, Coach, Canada
Shoes: Borrowed from Sister, Janey, India

Let me say that we went to the wedding, and were assigned seats to sit in. Unfortunately my Mum and I were made to sit right at the back of the hall. Needless to say we couldn’t see anything as it was arranged so that the mandap (stage) was at the head of the hall and then tables of 10 seats each were laid out in front of it. With people up and about socialising and just generally being right at the back we were left out of the ceremony. So in my eyes the failed event that it was, I’m just happy I got an outfit post of it! *evil laugh* 




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