Zone 6 Fundraising Event.

Earlier in the week my Dad, Mum, and I were invited to a fundraising dinner by my Brother-In-Law whom I call “Neil Jija” (Jija being the respectful title that you call your older sister’s husband in the Indian Culture.)
So, me being the typical girl that I am, was fussing obsessively over what to wear the whole week! Reason being down here in sunny Zimbabwe, for a girl my age there isn’t a whole lot to do, entertainment wise. There are no malls, no movie theatres that function, no cool outdoorsy kinda places that you can just go for the day, etc, etc. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a wide variety of coffee houses, and food places, but why should going out ALWAYS revolve aorund food?! There’s 1 or 2 clubs for the nocturnal creatures, but my best friends don’t live in Zim anymore, so alas, no one to go out with. *sigh*

Anyhoo, let me not completely deviate from my original topic. I finally narrowed down my oufit to one that I liked, and to me, suited the event. The event was at a restaurant called 360 Degrees. It was basically just to raise money for my Jija’s fishing trip in August. But I get an outfit post of it – bonus!

Here’s me and what I wore. This blog entry brings a great tip, that I just discovered yesterday, so keep a look out for something exciting!

Chosen top.

Side view.

Arm length – just touching the elbow.

Top has a bow.

Chosen Necklace.

Chosen Earrings.

Chosen Bracelet.

Chosen Rings.

Now I would like to take this opportunity to reveal my TOP TIP! I was getting dressed, putting on my jewellery, and realised that I was not “feeling” the necklace. So I opened my cupboard and scanned the contents. Only to find that a hair band was staring at me in the face and told me to put it on BUT as a necklace! I was like OH EM GEE knock me down with a feather! :O :O :O So here is the hair band that in the end was perfect for my outfit:

Lo and behold the hair band!

And there you have it!

Make Up.

Top – South Africa
Leggings – Canada
Shoes – Zambia
“Necklace” (Hairband) – Appledesiac – Zimbabwe
Original necklace – Canada
Earrings – Ardenes – Canada
Rings: black and silver – Zimbabwe, Silver – Ardenes – Canada
Bracelet – UK


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