BACON: The sole reason I will NEVER stop eating meat!

I love my meat! Especially breakfast meats like sausages and bacon. The scent of freshly fried bacon early on Sunday morning makes my inner beast rumble to life! If I could have a full on breakfast everyday I would; sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, and toast. My mouth is watering just writing about it!

I’m a huge fan of meat dishes, (except beef, being a Hindu, we strongly believe in not eating it.) But I nod my head eagerly to chicken, lamb, and pork. Back to Bacon, I cannot resist that scent of it. It’s sooo scrupmtious smelling! And the taste – nothing tastes like bacon except bacon. You can’t mimic that taste. I like my bacon crispy and crunchy – oooh yum! If I had to choose a last meal, bacon would definitely be on my list.

My sister is a vegetarian, (she eats eggs and fish) and I always think to myself would I be able to do it? To withstand the scents of chicken curry, roast pork chops, fried bacon, braaied lamb? The answer is very honestly, no. I just can’t live without meat! Don’t get me wrong, I love vegetables too, we have been subjected to all sorts of vege dishes in my family and I do like them, but I feel you just can’t replace meat! I even tasted soya products and absolutely loathed them! It’s like eating pretend meat and that just rubs me up the wrong way!

So it’s safe to say I will never give up eating meat and I will continue to enjoy my bacon!

And now I’m hungry! :p


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