Pimples, pimples, and darn pimples!!!!!

Ever had one of those days where LITERALLY all the world’s pimples are popping up on your face?! I am having one of those days today. I woke up with 2 new pimples this morning, then I went to have a shower, and after coming out the shower and when putting cream on my face I felt 2 NEW PIMPLES??!!!! I was like :O
In the span of the day I have come across 3 more! It’s utterly ridonculous! I’m not exaggerating here, I’m being 100% honest. They are little red mounds building up on my face, and I even wondered is it an allergy of some sort? But by knowing my body and knowing pimples all too well I have confirmed they are indeed those little buggers which make you (me) feel horrendous!

I feel really ugly today. I’m not usually unhappy with myself, I have a high self-esteem, but today my spirits are dwindling. I’m hoping there will not be any more eruptions during the night and that it starts clearing. We are attending a party on Friday night and I want to go there feeling happy and nice abut myself, so cross fingers all will be well in face land for me! *attracting happy pimple free days for myself*

Hoping to go from this:

To this:



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