Ever notice how when you stumble upon something from that moment on it is just in your face everywhere until the next fad comes into play? Well, yesterday I discovered Polyvore (many thanks to my sister, Janey) and in the span of a few hours it’s all up in my face and has me thinking, “but how did I miss this all along?!” Crazy isn’t it?

So the aim of this site from my point of view is that it is a medium to create whole outfits by virtually shopping on the site and helping you to create master pieces. I absolutely adore this site and it’s like the best thing since bacon! I foresee myself having loads of fun on the site and creating lots of blog entries from it.

I always wonder though, like this is a new trend that undoubtedly many bloggers will use for inspiration for their blogs, do the people that already use it feel like us newbeeis are moving into their territory or  are they happy to share? Maybe my sister Janey will have an answer for me.



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