MiXeD bag of entertainment.

I’m so mad. Really, really LIVID. I won’t go into much detail but let’s just say some people should learn to keep their mouths shut – especially if they are DRUNK! Some people have no shame and think they can go around parading their ignorance and stupidity. Yet this person is older than me and should KNOW BETTER THAN TO BEHAVE LIKE A DRUNK TEENAGER!  I can’t say any more than that, for I am a nice person and refuse to stoop down to that level, but I just needed to get it off my chest.

Now onto other things. I was sending pictures from my phone to the computer and realised I missed a whole outfit post from when I got dressed to go out last weekend! Plus I went out on Friday night to a 21st birthday celebration. So, here’s 2 outfit posts! 😀

Day out at a fair.

Cute pink bag found at the fair.

Now the outfit for the 21st birthday celebration we attended:

Last minute change of necklace.

Outfit No.1

Top – Appledesiac, Zimbabwe
Leggings – Canada
Necklace – Ardenes, Canada
Ring – Gift, South Africa
Earrings – Ardenes, Canada
Bracelets – Gift, Zimbabwe
Sunglasses – Appledesiac, Zimbabwe

Outfit No.2
Top – Dynamite, Canada
Leggings – Canada
Shoes – Globo, Canada
Necklace (original choice) – Airport, South Africa
Necklace (worn) – borrowed from sister
Blue bracelet – gift, Zimbabwe
Pink ‘bracelet’ (actually a necklace) – gift, South Africa
Rings (round which looks like a sweet!) – Ardenes, Canada
Ring (pink) – Gift, Zimbabwe
Earrings – Appledesiac, Zimbabwe.


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