It’s been a while…

I’m sitting here typing this post on Microsoft Word thinking to myself, what was the last post about?! If I can’t even remember that then indeed it has been a long while. So this wasn’t a sabbatical or anything, I have just gotten busy and was also experiencing a bit of writers block. I have reached the last leg of my course that I’m currently studying and have been occupied with finishing assignments and studying, (more on my course to come soon.)

So, I last posted on the 3rd of July. Quite frankly (and sadly) nothing of grave importance has happened in my life since. However, my Mum, Sister, and I, introduced ourselves to the world of manicures and pedicures! We have since been to the salon twice and quite enjoyed the experience. I have only had pedicures done so far, and boy is it fabulous! So relaxing, and pampering, and your feet become so smooth and soft! The best part is no doubt the painting of the toe nails – what a great climax to a wonderful experience!

Also on Friday 20th July, I embarked on a fasting journey. I am Hindu and we celebrate various festivals throughout the year; one being our holy month known as Shravan Mas, which entails all sorts of important days that come within this month. Some people choose to fast for the whole of the month, and I’m proud to say that I have taken it upon myself to try and fast too. Obviously this didn’t stem from nothing, rather, for a while before this I had been feeling really clogged up inside and just a bit unhealthy. (When we fast we are allowed to drink water, milk, fruit juices, eat fruits and any by products of milk keeping in mind of course that none of these food items have salt or flour in them. Also we are allowed to eat one proper meal a day, except we are not allowed to eat any meat, fish, or eggs whilst fasting, so only vegetarian food.) When this month was coming up I started playing around with the idea of fasting and the idea of a detox sounded great. So, the day rolled around for the first day of Shravan Mas, and I started. It has been 13 days and I am still going strong! It has been a little hard some days, and a little easier on the others but nonetheless I am keeping myself focused and believing that I can do this. I am a carnivore through and through, so this is challenging on that level as well, as I am not used to eating so many vegetables!!! I have learnt from this fasting so far that I will never embrace vegetarianism but I’m not completely and utterly suffering – yet!

Anyway here’s a look at the past couple of weeks through some pictures. 🙂

I have since then finished reading this book. What a wonderful read it was.


Ice cream date with a friend.

Vegetable bake.

Latest buy: peacock ring.

Borrowed these flats from my sister. I adore them!


Eezy peezy pizza! Just use slices of bread, and top with a mixture of baked beans, green peppers, onions, and sweetcorn, and some chiilies maybe. Or just go wild with whatever combo you feel like.

One of those days!

A sunny afternoon in our garden and some tree cutting.

My coveted 21st wine glass which broke! But in a pretty cool “heart” shape!

1st ever pedicure. 🙂

Dessert at one of my favourite restaurants – St. Elmos. Cocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and ice cream. 🙂

An afternoon of nail painting with my my Sister.

Home-made trifle. Yummy!

Ta-da! (with help from my Sister.)

Baking. A cherry and raisin loaf.

Zimbabwean Sunset.

I don’t know what happened, but I think it was a random dizzy spell, so I fell outside and sprained my foot. It’s well on the mend now, with just some swelling that need to go down. Thankfully the pain has vanished!

My very first stir fry!


That’s all folks! 🙂


4 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

  1. Good to see you blogging again, i have been slack in that dept. The food looks so yummy..the trifle just brings back memories, i like the whipped cream pipping.

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