And Shravan Mas Ends!

And so today marks the end of Shravan Mas. It has been both a very difficult, and fulfilling journey. Some days were very hard, and I really wanted to give up, and some days were a breeze. Today is the last day of fasting, so I have prepared a yummy stir fry and a pizza! I’m ending it with a bang as you can see!

I am glad it’s over – as horrible as that sounds! But it indeed was getting very hard. I’m most excited to eat bacon! EEEP! And a lovely roast chicken! And a HUGE slice of chocolate cake! (I wasn’t eating eggs either.) My mouth is watering right now, so I shall stop talking about food!

With the fasting I have obviously been eating less, but I feel that it has made a difference to my overall self. I feel healthier. I had also introduced drinking lots of water, as I would get really thirsty and I noticed that it really made a difference to my system.  My goal now is to keep up a program where I introduce portion control and some exercise to my lifestyle. I’m looking forward to this challenge and will update you on the progress and maybe any setbacks that I will go through.

I had not realised that I had so much inner strength and will power to carry on to the end of this. I’m really proud of myself. Here’s to the wonderful month of Shravan!



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