Thrown into the deep end.

My Mum and my Sister are going to Canada on Friday for about a month. So, I shall be here with my Dad. I know it’s supposed to be all glorious and fun thinking, “Whoop! No more Mum to answer to, I can do as I please all day long!” But. There’s always a BUT! But, with them going comes a huge responsibility for me. I have to uphold our house for this time and  make sure I cook, clean, and feed my Dad and an Uncle who joins us for dinner every night.

As you would imagine, I am FREAKING OUT!!! I have been experiencing sleepless nights, and when I do sleep, I have the worst nightmares! Yesterdays nightmare was about me being careless in the kitchen and burning the house down. :O Needless to say things like this are not making me feel at any ease.

As far as being in the kitchen goes, I have been practicing a lot of the Indian food that my Mum cooks for us on a daily basis, so I would like to think that I can hold the fort. But I worry that no one will like my food, and we’ll become the actors who played the roles in the movie the Hunger Games. :/

With managing a household comes more than just cooking meals everyday. You have to make sure everything is clean and put in its place. You have to tend to your Dads needs and make sure he is ok and survivng without his beloved!

Anyway I’m pretty keen to  take on this challenge and will post about all my doings as regularly as possible. Wish me luck!

p.s. of course them going means I shall be receiving gifts! 😉


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