I know, I know it has indeed been a while!

Gosh! I feel like I need to go through the “how to” for WordPress, that’s how long it has been! In my last post I wrote about the journey I was about to embark on (mission cook-food-and-keep-the-house-standing-whilst-Mum-is-away-on-holiday.) I am glad to report that as of yesterday Mum is back at home and the house is indeed standing! Everyone was fed, washed, and clothed and looked after pretty well I think.

The challenge I was left with and I say challenge because it was no walk in the park. I had never been left on my own to take charge of household duties and my course was ongoing at the time so it was a double challenge for me. I felt like the ultimate 21st century woman balancing home and work (studying) needs! In the beginning it was rather difficult to find a balance. I was waking up at 5am and still felt like there just wasn’t enough time in the day to manage everything comfortably without feeling like I was rushed and super exhausted. Some days I was falling into a deep slumber at 8pm (yes you read that right) ok I lie make that MOST DAYS! But as time went along and days became weeks, I found a routine that fit like a glove and was very happy to amble along doing my thing with no bumps in the road.

I have been keeping a diary of all the meals that I cooked, and I must say I’m quite impressed with myself. The list is rather long, and I won’t write it out now (purely because of laziness – yes I’m allowed some laziness!) I tried to keep the meals varied and interesting for those partaking in meal times and I also tried to make it easy for myself by keeping the meals simple. I was regularly given assurance and compliments that the food was good – so that motivated to become better. Of course some days came where I just couldn’t be bothered to cook, take-out came in handy!

As for the studying, I was super stressed about finishing on time. The last few assignments were very demanding and I had to do lots of research and go around looking for certain things. I was knackered from all the intricacies of the last few assignments, but I managed in the end and successfully sent my assignments in on time. The wait is now on to see whether I passed or not and it is already driving me insane. Will keep you posted on the results as and when.

So Mum and Sister are back, and I must say I got quite a few lovely things from Canada. I feel all the hard work has been compensated for! 😉  I am looking forward to sharing all the goodies with you all soon! I better make it soon and not another looooong break in between posts. Needless to say I should be posting a lot more as my course is now finished so I have more free time on my hands.


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