Royal Pains.

I was very much annoyed when I read about the leaked topless pictures of Her Royal Highness The Dutchess of Cambridge. She didn’t deserve that in the least. How does someone gain any sort of satisfaction of secretly taking nude pictures of other people? It just perturbs me. There are those paparazzi who follow famous people around trying to document their every move – but the celebs are either fully clothed or in bathing suits, then there are those paparazzi who try with all their might to get access to celebs in the nude. Don’t they have a conscience? Or do we as the readers encourage them to take these pictures because we get some sort of kick out of it? I for one, am not into looking at celebrities in the nude – I just don’t get what the big deal is about it. Yes, I like the odd scoop like which celeb is dating who, and who is expecting, and who broke up, but not deep stuff like seeing their private parts plastered on magazine covers.

Obviously Kate isn’t the only one with nude pictures of herself floating around, there are many other such cases, and I think such things should be brought to a halt. This is despicable. In a time where we should all rather be focusing our camera lenses on the Earth and trying to repair the serious damage we have done to it, we would rather stick them in someones boobs! Terrible I tell you! Yes, you do get the odd celeb who parades around letting everything loose in public – but that is by their choice, they are OK with it and they very well know what they are getting themsleves into, but for those who are snapped within the privacy of their own home/hotel room unknowingly is just insane.

I hope all the disgusting people taking all these rotten pictures get what’s coming to them. They deserve a punishment.

So, these are my thoughts on this issue, what are yours?


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