Peplum by parina featuring a peplum dress

Alexander McQueen peplum dress
$2,235 –

Strapless dress
$185 –

Purple dress
$170 –

Wallis black cocktail dress

Lipsy peplum dress
$73 –

John Zack slip dress
$61 –

Mango bodycon dress
$37 –

Peplum dress

Bardot peplum shirt
$61 –

Sleeveless shirt
$73 –

Forever New peplum top
$41 –

Haider ackermann
$2,575 –

Armani Collezioni peplum jacket
$1,345 –

Pencil skirt
$28 –

As you can see I am a HUGE fan of anything Peplum. I do not own anything Peplum which is indeed very sad, but I am hoping to change this.

Here is something from Wenda James-Rowe about the Peplum:

“FASHION trends are funny. What some may feel are the “hottest new trends”, the majority may feel were simply brought back from past years.

This definitely applies to the peplum, which has returned to runways and our closets. Peplum skirts, dresses and tops originated back in the 1800s, receiving high praise for the instant hourglass figure they created because of the stylish overskirt. Ever since then this look has been seen time and time again.

Peplums are back for 2012. This time they’re rocking the runway and winning the hearts of fashion enthusiasts. There are indeed a lot of changes in the fashion industry such as what a woman’s perfect body shape should be – from skinny to curvaceous. And that said, peplums have come back to help women create an illusion of a voluptuous body shape.

The peplum dress has been flirting with the world of fashion forever, and when I say forever, I mean just that.

 This tantalising trend stretches all the way back to ancient Greece when women would use a single sheet of square cloth to create a “peplos” tied with a single section of rope, creating the effect of a smaller waist.

Later in the ’40s, a new structured peplum dress fit for the sophisticated soirees of the time became fashionable and was updated again with neon notes and retro detailing in the ’80s. And there on the dazzling dance floor and Madonna’s album covers is where our beloved peplum stayed… until now.

Today the peplum is back with a vengeance and is a favourite with fashionistas and celebrities alike.”

What are your thoughts on this trend?


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