And away I go, exactly a year later!

I have some very good news to share with you all. I…….am……………to…………………………………………….INDIA!
My parents and I have been planning this trip for ages, and it has finally materialised. We are leaving on the 23rd of November and will be away for 2 months. Why I say a year later is because last year on the 23rd of November, I visted Canada for the very first time with my Sister, and I might add, it was the first time I had ever sat on a plane! (For me, it was an absolutely joyoys affair, and since then my love affair with flying and plane food began!) So, I am thrilled to be able to fly again after a short time!

I am both nervous and excited for this trip:

Nervous – Will I be able to adjust to a completely different lifestyle? Will I get along with all my cousins and family members whom I have never met before? Will I like it? Will 2 months be torture or too short? Will I like the food? What about the sanitary conditions?

Excited – I am looking forward to the shopping! I am looking forward to seeing a different country and all the things it has to offer. I want to meet this family of mine that I have only heard of through stories. I want to see where my Mum grew up. I want to taste all the glorious Indian food. Did I already say I can’t wait to go shopping?!

So you see, a lot is on my mind, but I shall go with an open mind, and make the most of it. Whether I like it or not, only time will tell but I look forward to sharing all the details with you either whilst I’m there, or once we get back.

Are any of you planning end-of-year holidays?


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