Movie Night: English Vinglish

I’m really not much of an Indian movie fan. All that unnecessary drama just rubs me up the wrong way. Indeed when I was younger and we used to rent movies, we would mostly watch Hindi movies and I enjoyed them those days (because I really didn’t know any better!) Now it’s like, “Ugh, somebody get me out of here!”

However, having said that, I did take the opportunity to go and see this particular movie, my main reason being that the Indian actress Sridevi graced the audience with her presence after a 15 year hiatus. I don’t have any particular favourites in the industry but I have always found Sridevi to be absolutely beautiful and I just love her voice!

Here’s a little about the movie:

Story: Shashi Godbole (Sridevi) is a loving wife and mother, a home-maker and small scale entrepreneur in the business of ladoos! (A golden, sweet, and round ball of goodness.)  Her only handicap is not knowing how to speak English, and because of that she is constantly put down and is the rear end of many jokes.

Opportunity comes in the form of a trip to The United States of America and as terrified as she is of leaving her family and her comfort zone she is encouraged to go and does. However, on arrival in the States, Shashi is reminded of her lack of knowledge of the English language, in some very well laid out but squirm-inducing scenes.

At this point, Shashi wants to make a change, and as a bus passes by (rather conveniently!) advertising an English course that you can complete in 4 weeks she  takes the plunge and signs up. Now is when the fun starts!

Her fellow students are a Mexican nanny, Eve; a Tamil software engineer, Rama; a Chinese beautician, Yu Son; a French cook, Laurent; a Pakistani cabbie, Salman Khan; and an African dancer, Udumbke, all guided by an English tutor, David, show you spunk and determination! The students of the English class also act as a support system to the protagonist, who despite her own dedication, finds that complacency has slipped into her marriage and there’s self-respect lacking in her relationship with her teenage daughter.

Laurent starts to develop feelings for Shashi and although Shashi does not reciprocate, this leads Shashi to re-discover her own self worth, and she is grateful to Laurent for showing her that.

It’s no surprise that by the end of the film, Shashi will conquer her fears. The image of the newly confident Shashi striding down a Manhattan street, a takeout coffee in hand and a trench coat belted over her sari, will make you smile days after you leave the theater.

Ultimately, what makes English Vinglish memorable are the small, step-by-step choices Shashi makes to transforms herself. Yes, there’s grit there, but it’s tempered with compassion and dignity. The way the character has been crafted by Gauri Shinde (Director), and interpreted by Sridevi, is gloriously feminine, and uniquely Indian.

And there you have it, my first official movie review! What did you think of it? And also, have any of you watched the movie? If so, leave me a comment and we can compare notes!

Now onto more important matters, what I wore for the movie. I decided to try the androgyny trend and for those of you who don’t know it here is an explanation, ‘Androgyny can be defined as the balancing of feminine and masculine traits. If you are female and wish to look androgynous, you are seeking to eliminate or minimize some of the feminine aspects of your personality and appearance, and promote or maximize many of the masculine aspects (the opposite applies for males). Androgyny is altogether different than transsexualism or transvestism and should not be confused with either.’

As you can see (well the little that you can see!) is that I didn’t go deep in the androgynous style. It was my first time trying this out therefore baby steps are what I took.

Shirt –  Gift – Canada
Jeans – Gift – Canada
Necklace – Ardenes – Canada
‘Evil eye’ bracelet – Local spring fair – Zimbabwe
Wooden bracelet – gift – Zimbabwe
Shoes – Shoe Shack – Zimbabwe
Nail colour – Loreal Paris, Ragin’ Cajun – Gift – Canada


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