Black bows

“Sometimes you have to give up on people.
Not because you don’t care,
But because they don’t.”

That is a quote that I came across, and I couldn’t agree more with it. Sometimes you go out of your way to make someone stay in your life, when in reality they just don’t want to be there or their time in your life has come to an end. No matter what the case, if there are people in your life who just abuse your kindess, do not appreciate you, and bring you down, then let them go. You will feel so much better without that extra load.

This is my personal favourite… 🙂

Top – Rickis – Canada
Leggings – Walmart – Canada
Ballet flats – Ardenes – Canada
Necklace – Gift from best friend – Zambia

Thanks to my Sister J for the snaps! 🙂


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