Been there, Bunjee jumped!

*This is a scheduled post as I am away on vacation in India. 🙂

Yes! I have bunjee jumped! What an awesome, amazing, exhilirating, fun, nerve-wracking and liberating experience it was!

So how did it come about? Well, in high school I became friends with 2 girls who are now my best, best friends in the whole world. We are the three musketeers, the ultimate trio. Their names are Fadila and Michaela. In 2008 Fadila moved back to her home country of Zambia and Michaela and I were shattered. Of course we kept in touch but a part of our hearts was indeed missing. Anyhoo, a golden opportunity came before us in December of that year and it was in the form of a holiday to Zambia. We asked our parents and they surprisingly agreed! So off we went. It was like a dream for us, for we had always talked about having a long sleepover and it was finally happening!

We had no intention of going away on holiday but Fadila’s Uncle had recently opened a hotel in Livingstone (where the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls lies) and he gave all of his family members a free stay there. So her Dad and Mum suggested we go ahead for this mini-vacation and so we packed our bags and were off. It was lovely out there, and a different experience for Michaela and I as well because we had only seen the Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwean side. We went for the grand tour of the falls and later on walked on the bridge connecting Zambia and Zimbabwe and we noticed the tent for the activites. We were just casually looking around until someone suggested we take the plunge and jump! We found out the details but they were closed on that day and would be operaitng the next day. We were deeply disappointed as we were leaving the next day! After some pleading and giving the best puppy eyes we could we convinced Fadila’s parents to extend the trip. And the next day we were jumping!

The details are a little fuzzy now, but I don’t think we slept that night. We got up the next morning and had nothing for breakfast as we were afraid of throwing up all our food, as disgusting as it sounds we had to take the precaution. And so we left on an empty stomach except for the nerves that were inisde there. We finished the registration and waited for our turns.

I was so very happy for some reason! I wasn’t in the least bit afraid. I was just eager to do it. As you will see in the pictures to follow, I had a huge grin on my face. And now when I think of it I was only 17! When they called out my name I was taken into this little cage sort of thing where they get your ready by strapping you up and explaining the procedure. Then before I knew it they got me up walked me to the jump point and were shouting, “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BUNJEEEEEE!” And off I was! I was happy all the way no screaming or anything! I was truly having a great time being pumelled into the air at an alarming speed! And then the speed decreased and I was just hanging around upside down in the middle of nowhere looking at the water below me, there even some people down there white water rafting! Then a man came down on a separate rope and called out to me and said he was going to help get upright and then into a sitting position (all this in the middle of just being suspended in nothing) and then they pulled us from the top to the bottom part of the bridge where you can now be unstrapped and take the stairs back to the top of the bridge.

What an AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME experience! My friends and I talk about it all the time, and we will never forget it.

Will I do it again? Absolutely hell yes! I am an adrenaline junkie, I LOVE all these intense heart racing activities!

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Notice all the smiling going on!

And there you have it! I decided to release this post exactly 4 years later. 🙂


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