A well deserved treat!

As you know fasting is over, and I can now start eating meat! I suggested to the family that we go out for lunch today, as we all needed a break from the kitchen and some bonding time. We got together with some family friends and off we went to a restaurant that none of us had been to before! A bit of a journey into the deep end. This restaurant is called Da Eros and specialises in Italian Cuisine, and I must say I was very pleased with the food and so was the gang. Here’s what I wore:

And my lunch was:

Pork ribs with chips and roast vegetables.

Dark chocolate brownie, with chocolate sauce and ice cream.

Tunic – H&M: Canada

Leggings – Walmart: Canada

Shrug – Flea Market: Zimbabwe

Necklaces – Borrowed from sister

Ring – Ardenes: Canada

Flower hair accessory – Borrowed from sister

Shoes – Borrowed from sister.

And that’s a wrap!