Outfit Post. :)

I have been wanting to do my first outfit for a very, very, long time. It’s hard for me to do these because there is no one take pictures of me. 😦 However the other day I did try and manage to take some snaps of my outfit courtesy of my phone camera.So here goes: We were invited out for lunch to my grans house on a Sunday and this is what I wore. When we went there I felt a little over-dressed, but then everyone was complimenting me, so out the window went my slight worry!

Trying to get the whole outfit in the picture. Not a bad attempt! 🙂

A shot of me and the necklace I chose.



Chosen ring.


The makeup I put on that day.

Bag choice of the day.

Chosen shoes for the outfit. Cute pumps.

Top: Foschini, South Africa
Leggings: Walmart, Canada
Pumps: Shoe Shack, Zimbabwe
Necklace: Ardenes, Canada
Ring: Flea market, Zimbabwe
Bag: By Coffeebee, UK
So there it is folks, my very first outfit post. Here’s to many more! Cheers!